(Level A2)

Sprint yourself to success!

We prepare you for the DELF Exam. Your French  coach instructor is a certified DELF examiner and corrector. She is a C1 DALF certified language trainer.


This is a FAST track preparation for highly motivated French learners. We give a high level of attention  to your preparation and we guarantee best chances of success.

Ideally, you have got a total of 70+ hours of  time spent in French class. You have already discovered the fundamentals of your level in class. Now is time for practicing, training and mastering!



Coach: Rychha (based in New Delhi) 

Sessions are limited to 6 = more intense training!

  • 5:30 PM IST.....Monday Listen & Read...60 min

  • 5:30 PM IST.....Wednesday Role Play...60 min

  • 5:30 PM IST ... Friday Tricks of the Trade ...60 min
    (5:30 PM Indian Standard Time ~ 8 AM Eastern Time ~ 5 AM PST )

1 assignment before every session

1 Casual Saturday every month

8 week program 


Get ready to take the exam stress-free, knowing that you will have put in the work to maximize your chances of success!  


Allow yourself to focus on delivering your best assignments during the exam.

Nothing will be new to you because you will be prepared beforehand.



Monday Listen & Read

On Monday, we show you strategies to crack the listening & reading comprehension parts of the exam. To maximize your chances of success, it is essential to master the best in class methods for approaching respectively the listening and reading parts of the exam.


We make you hesitation-less at the skills that will be tested. The idea is for you to arrive at the exam feeling confident to deliver what is expected from you. 

Wednesday Role Play games

The role play activities provide you the exam environment to deal efficiently with the speaking part of the exam. You will gain the knowledge of various topics of conversation as per the pattern of the exam. You will master ready impressive sentences.


On the exam day, your confidence will not go unnoticed by the Jury.


Friday Tricks of trade

Similarly, your instructor will give you the knowledge of most common mistakes to avoid with an aim to write and speak flawlessly through exam oriented approaches.


Get your Sprint Certification on completion of all 21 assignments*

Get your 50% credit to retake your Sprint once again**

Get your 3 detailed feedback per week***

* A sprint is a 8 week program with a 1 week break from assignments in the middle. There are 3 sessions per week and 1 assignment to prepare before each session. There is therefore a total of 21 assignments (7 weeks times 3 assignments per week) and a total 24 hours of sessions (8 weeks times 3 sessions per week). An assignment is considered to be completed after it has received your instructor's feedback.

** If you fail the exam, you automatically get a 50% credit that you can use to cover your subscription for your participation in the next available Sprint of the same level. This condition is available individually only to the sprinter who will have received their Sprint certification at the end of their first per-level sprint. You will benefit from this 50% credit only once. It allows you to focus on the preparation more than on success versus failure. To the braves, to those who persevere, we say you are welcomed back and we reward you for your perseverance with a 50% credit.

*** You have the opportunity to create 3 topics per week on RISE, my French community's forum. Your topic is in relation with your assignments. Your instructor will share 1 detailed feedback on RISE for each one of your individual topics. Their commitment to do so expires every week, so please make sure to post your topics in a timely manner. However, your instructor is free to provide further feedback at their sole discretion regardless of deadlines. This does not apply during the 1 week break from assignments.



Now is time for practicing, training and mastering.

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