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Bitcoin Days Auction

Rapha just sold 6 NFTs (Bitcoin days) to Stacks community members for 689 STX - the equivalent of 3 months' average salary!

Divya - India

  • She took classes at Alliance Francaise, and works in the IT industry as an accountant assistant, and is the pillar in her family.

  • She's a poet, and gives French tips on Instagram, and her dream is to visit Paris.

  • She joined after hours the My French Community (her time zone was very late).


My French Community Course

  • 141 days visited

  • 20h read time

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Emanuel - Nigeria

  • He studied for 9 months at My French. Graduated form the Jedi program, a pro bono on Sundays. 

  • He started his program in Europe, Biorefinery Engineering.

  • He's an opera singer. He sings in a choral.

Bitcoin Days Auction

The STX community donated NFTS,
which were sold and we raised 761 STX


My French Community Course

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  • 1d read time

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Luda - Russia

  • She's an English teacher to primary kids (private). 
    Visa Master Card = ban in Russia. Stock mkt is frozen. Financial restrictions.

  • She has a Insta where she was about dvp her brand and acquire clients (children)... it all stopped when META decided to ban Russia.

Bitcoin Days Auction

We're hoping to raise 1,000 STX for Luda!


My French Community Course

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