My French MBA
(Intermediates to advanced)

My French Community has tremendous value.

We train you to become the change you want to see, & it happens to be in French.

Cost: $1,799.00

8 week program

7 weeks + 1 week break

1 day free trial *

- 32 hours of group sessions (4h+ per week) 

- 21 topics written in French with individualized feedback

- 1 graduation party

- Groups are limited to 4 MBAs

- Access to an amazing community on my French's forum

Get ready to gain perspective, and improve your French along the way!

"We have high goals, we follow a blue print and we surround ourselves with highly motivated French learners."

Start: Tuesday June 8th, 2021

Early bird discount coupons

Pay $1,499 instead of $1,799!

Expiring June 4nd, 2021

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* Cancel and receive a full refund up to 24 hours after the end of your first group learning session.

We read all of your applications and we will reach out to you to schedule an orientation. Your orientation typically lasts no more than 30 minutes. When your eligibility is confirmed, you will be accepted in the French MBA program.

To become eligible you need to demonstrate that your French is at intermediate to advanced levels of proficiency. This program is for trainees only who are looking to create their purpose and to train their leadership skills. Getting better in French is a by-product of this program. It is not for learners who are looking for by-the-book type of training.