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French Coach Instructor

Highly ambitious partner 

Hello there,


You start as a coach apprentice for 1 month where you will be paid. In order to become a fully fledged coach instructor, you will need to post 13 topics of your own under the Jedi Master Classes as well as assisting an existing fully fledged instructor, If you successfully complete your apprenticeship, you are directly trusted to lead your first group of 4 highly motivated French learners and your pay increases.

At B1+ levels, the French skill teaching is merely 50% of your role. What we do is to learn about other skills, and it happens to be in French. Members will improve their French almost as a by product of what we do.

Again, the goal is not only to become fluent in French but it's also to develop other skills, life coaching skills, Growth mindset skills, empathy skills, negotiation skills and many other skills derived from being part of a community that is used to sharing ideas and giving generous feedback.

As a French Coach Instructor, you are a learner too. Yes, you excel at teaching grammar and vocabulary. Yet, you will learn from the topics that you will tackle with the other members of your group.

Your role includes giving YouTube private video feedback when topics are posted by the members of your group. You will share French corrections when necessary but you will also give your personal feedback on their topics.


Rapha Rodriguez

un grand maitre.jpeg


You are a native French speaker with high French skills

-> either Baccalauréat 14+ and above in French oral + written

-> if not, then other achievements in French post-Baccalauréat 

You are interested in life coaching skills and how to become a better version of yourself.

You have other skills to offer, other than French, that you would like to teach to a target of highly motivated French learners at B1+ levels.


#1 You are paid much more than at a traditional school because of the value that you bring to the community. You are a partner.

#2 You receive potential interest in the decentralized project that underlies the community, namely tokens that fuel the mechanics of the underlying block chain powered organization. This may represent a huge upside if the community is successfully decentralized.



You are a highly ambitious partner. You are interested in participating in the first decentralized school by providing value to the community. You have extremely high work ethics.

We can together change the game and create the mechanics of a learning/teaching network online and insure the redistribution of the value created to the real value creators.

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