My French MBA
(Intermediate to advanced)

Skip the valley of disappointment

It takes a lot of showing up to become fluent. Most of the times, we risk disappointing ourselves for we feel that our journey is endless and that we never arrive at our destination. We get bored in class especially when it's very "by the book". French grammar. French vocabulary. French culture... French this, French that! Always the same mistakes, thank you, we know! After a while, quite honestly, we think that we can go beyond the cliches of by-the-book methods, but the progress isn't showing just yet. Next, we feel almost forced to go to class, and inevitably become passive in class! Progress lingers, and we suddenly end up simply dropping out. It's aggravating, because we were on the verge of a breakthrough! 

What if there were a program where it is more about you than about the teacher? Where you would gain a perspective about yourself all the while practicing your French? For you, French intermediates-to-advanced learners, this program exists!


Gain perspective

This is a leadership program. You will show up for yourself and not for the teacher. Your group of 4 provides plenty of time to interact and gain perspective during your meetings. Offline, you will post your work in French on My French Community's private forum. Your language skills will improve almost naturally because you will be focused on your work and on its purpose, not only on French mistakes.  

Three times a week, you will receive a prompt that invites you to go directly to the experts for their ideas, regardless of French or English. This is pretty much your "in real life" program! If you accept it, your mission will be to write your own "topic" in French. Next, you will receive feedback from your peers and in return you will offer the gift of yours to them, and in French. One day will allow for the time to make its difference: the time to reflect on your work and the time to write your reflective script (alas yes, in French). A language is no more than a media: what you are going to do with it counts very much. 


Before you know it, it will already be time for your next group learning meeting, and the cycle will repeat itself nonstop for 8 weeks, with a 1-week break in the middle to allow you to catch your breath. At the end, you will have written a total of 21 topics (3 topics per week), and you will have gained perspective, and not only in French. 

Get inspired

We source the reflection points we offer as prompts directly from experts, life coaches and real life leaders. Their voices are easily accessible, and often free online. Starting from their reflections, you will create your own guiding thread throughout the program.


6 PM ET Tuesdays.......90 min

6 PM ET Thursdays.....90 min

6 PM ET Sundays.........75 min

8 weeks | 1 week break 

4h15 per week | 21 topics

The magic starts with you

As your French coach instructor, we are a resource you can tap into, be it to receive corrections in French or to request feedback on your work.

In a world obsessed with the Teacher-know-it-all paradigm, where students remain passive, we will give you the space necessary for you to find your way, and not only in French. Nothing can replace your work: you need to do this yourself, except you won't be alone.

We look forward to see you becoming the change you seek to make. To the braves, we say welcome and let's start this journey in French together!

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