Become Your Own Master

Let’s break this paradigm of you being a passive student counting the time spent in class and getting little results to show for.


Let’s create a tool, a community with people who are highly motivated, who can inspire you to continue the commitment that will allow you to cross the threshold in becoming fluent. 

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100% Free! Squeeze in the French, and invite yourself to a “master class”! 


Coach: Rapha

Sessions are limited to 4 = more time for you to practice!

  • 3 PM ET.............Saturday Workshop..............90 min

  • 10:30 AM ET.....Sunday Jedi Live...................60 min


A weekly commitment to yourself in French!

How To Join For Free

The weekly challenge:

1/ Click on CREATE ACCOUNT below!

2/ Simply create your account on the forum.
3/ Go to the category Jedi/Master Class on the forum.

4/ Choose one of the master classes.
3/ Post your topic on the forum under the Jedi/Discussion board.
4/ Give feedback to 3 topics of Jedis.
5/ Wait 1 or 2 days to receive feedback from other Jedis.

6/ Create your reflective script.

7/ A reflective script is a feedback to yourself about your topic

To win your seat at the JEDI LIVE, be among the first 4 Jedis

to complete the weekly challenge!*

* To participate in the Jedi Lives, please email us the one time Legal Waiver to allow sharing videos of you on social media.

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Our Commitment

I will follow through on my commitment to 4 Jedis per week on a first come first served basis. This format is highly autonomous but you get a lot of help: my guidelines in a lesson + the feedback of your peers whom I select to match your level and motivation + the resources of the forum free for ever!