Your Instructors

At My French Community, our purpose is to help you improve your French, one small group at a time. We believe that learning in groups offers great value as compared to learning through private classes alone. It is scientifically proven that learning a language is best achieved through immersion.


Joining My French Community will offer you many opportunities to learn from interacting with others while immersing yourself in French. If you join our community, we promise that not only will we practice French together on a weekly basis, but more importantly you'll have fun!


Rapha Rodriguez


     Rapha was born in Paris into a bilingual home, French and Spanish. He then started to learn English when he went to an Anglo-Saxon kindergarten.

     Throughout middle and high school, he faced many challenges in learning French grammar. Rapha persevered and achieved high marks at his French boarding school exam. He also obtained a deep appreciation for what it takes for people to learn a new language.

In 2019, Rapha became part of Molkoi, a group of people gathering in bars and clubs in Jersey City and Hoboken, he immediately saw the potential of going beyond the textbooks and vocabulary lists. The value of actively communicating in discussions, sharing ideas, being interactive, inspired him to create the My French Community.

     In 2020, while the world dealt with the pandemic, Rapha gave 100 free sessions through MeetUp and Zoom. This allowed him to keep his growing community to not only stay connected, but to continue their journey to fluency. 

     His commitment to offer the chance to people to fully immerse in the learning experience, motivated him to limit the groups to 4 people, along with separate live sessions that allow bigger groups to mingle and connect with other members of the French Community.


Isabelle Bader


An INALCO graduate where she got her Bachellors degree in Russian, Isabelle brings 25 years of experience as a French instructor to the My French Community.


She was the founder of "Les cours de la Seine", a boutique French school dedicated to an audience of foreign learners in the corporate world. She taught French to highly skilled engineers of the semi-conductor industry (Infineon, then an IBM-Siemens joint venture).

She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Italian. Her background in languages has allowed her to guide many beginners through the hurdles unique to their native language.