The Freedom saviors


We support the development of scholars facing exceptional challenges.

Anyone can become a Savior by donating to our scholar!

You can donate 1 NFT from something as simple as a photo!

Scholars are elected by a special Committee at

My French Community

We've done it! Collectively, we’ve raised 689 STX for Divya thanks to our 6 Saviors, in the persons of Spartan.btc, Louise Nakamoto, Exploriter, Axopoa, Friedger and Rapha.btc.

This could not have been possible without the support of the entire STX community!

We should all be proud for this. However, we believe we can do more! We, as a community, can raise the BAR because we are such a strong Community!
Are you against raising the bar? No, but how?











By helping one more scholar, and we would love for Emmanuel Anthony Omachoko to accept the challenge!

Emmanuel has recently graduated from the Jedi program of My French Community, a program entirely free monetarily speaking, but very demanding in terms of personal commitment.

Emmanuel is originally from Nigeria. He is currently an Erasmus Mundus scholar, and completing a masters in Biorefinery in Europe.


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Anyone can become a Savior by donating 1 NFT until Nov 21st!

Untitled design-2.png

Saviors vote for their favorite NFT and elect 6 favorite NFTs until Nov 21st!

Anyone can become a Savior by buying 1 NFT from all donated NFTs.

Saviors of Divya have a 1 week exclusivity to buy 1 of the Elected NFTs after which anyone can buy the Elected NFTs until Dec 20th!

All proceeds from sale of donated NFTs go to Emmanuel.

All un-sold NFTs go to Emmanuel.

Until November 21, you can donate 1 NFT! Read below on how to create an NFT!
Until December 20, you can buy 1 NFT from those donated by the Community.
All proceeds go to Emmanuel.

Vote now for your favorite NFT!

Week 1

6 NFTs
Ran 50m

Week 2

689 STX
To Divya

Week 3

Week 1

Week 4

Community donated
12 NFTs

Week 5
180 STX
Ran 222m

Week 6

19 NFTs

Week 7

Grande Finale
Nov 21rst


Become a Savior

    - Fill your wallet with STX. You need STX to interact with the Stacks block chain.
    STX is available for purchase at these crypto exchanges:
    If you are in the US, okcoin is one exchange:
    - Find and copy your STX Hiro address. There is a copy icon next to you abbreviated address.
    - Send STX from your exchange to your STX Hiro address. Memo is not required when sending to a Hiro wallet (only required when sending to exchange).

  • BOOM
    - Create your NFT using BOOM:
    - Donate your NFT by sending it to Rapha' s wallet address: SPP3HM2E4JXGT26G1QRWQ2YTR5WT040S5NKXZYFC