Bitcoin Days

We are on a mission to empower scholars around the world. Initially, we have raised 689 Stacks for Divya, a scholar in India, and 761 Stacks for Emmanuel, a scholar in Nigeria.

Today, we are raising Stacks for Luda, a scholar in Russia!

The Auction

We invite you to buy one of 7 Bitcoin days in an auction ("the auction"), knowing that all proceeds from the auction will go to Luda. If you are interested to place your bid, simply send an amount of Stacks to the public wallet (details below) and in the memo of your transaction write "D" and the number corresponding to the Bitcoin day you would like to bid on.

For example, if you want to bid 50 Stacks on Bitcoin day #15, you send 50 Stacks to the public wallet (details below) and you simply write D15 in the memo. You can chose to bid from 7 Bitcoin days:

"D15" for Bitcoin day #15 or Auction 1
"D16" for Bitcoin day #16 or Auction 2
"D17" for Bitcoin day #17 or Auction 3
"D18" for Bitcoin day #18 or Auction 4
"D19" for Bitcoin day #19 or Auction 5
"D20" for Bitcoin day #20 or Auction 6
"D21" for Bitcoin day #21 or Auction 7

You can see pictures here and here.

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Thurs April 14

Sun April 17

Wed April 20

Sat April 23

Tues April 26

Fri April 29

If on May 1rst 2022, we have received several transactions for the same Bitcoin day (identifiable in the memo), then we will refund the lower bids and send the Bitcoin day to the highest bidder.
We would love to hit a total of 1,000 Stacks for Luda which would average 1 Bitcoin day at 142 Stacks (1000/7). However, we will be happy if we raise any funds for Luda!

What's in it for you?

1/ Empower 1 scholar in Russia. As promised, your Stacks* will be donated to Luda, a scholar in Russia (*when you are the winner of one of 7 auctioned NFTs, and refunded otherwise). Therefore, we invite you to learn more about our scholars on our web page (coming soon!).

2/ Upgrade to the 21 Bitcoin days

You will for ever own the exclusive right to upgrade your Bitcoin day to the 21 Bitcoin days collection. The total number of NFTs of the 21 Bitcoin days collection will be 21.

Why Upgrading?

When a Bitcoin day is sold from the 21 Bitcoin days collection, 200 Stacks is drawn from the sale price and sent to the public wallet. Essentially, the public wallet will receive 200 Stacks for every sale that happens.The sale price will have to be at least 200 Stacks for the sale transaction to go through.

Let's say the sale price is 600 Stacks, then 200 Stacks will be sent to the public wallet and 400 Stacks* will be sent to the seller (* minus market place fees, which are typically a few % point of sale price, depending on the market place).

The 21 Bitcoin days collection is a game where every time sellers profit, they also help scholars around the world!

What's in it for scholars?

To unlock grants, scholars will have to perform a set of verifiable actions, such as posting homework, giving feedback to peers & writing reflective scripts. In the future, scholars should be able to unlock grants in a permission-less way.

The auction runs from April 9th 2022 until April 30th 2022 at midnight eastern time.

For more information, we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Public wallet: bitcoindays.btc